Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wardrobe Transitions from Summer to Fall.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!  Today I'm linking up with Erika and Shay for Workin' It Wednesday!

Today's topic is how we transition our wardrobe from summer to fall.

Now I am no expert in fashion.  And here in Texas, we tend to have some crazy weather, especially in the fall and winter.  One day it's 90 degrees and the next it's 55.  (Seriously.)  So when it comes to planning---well, we just don't.

We DO have lots of pieces that will work for whatever Mother Nature may throw at us though.  I thought I'd share some of my favorites for fall that transition nicely from summer.


I am a total jeans girl.  I hate dresses. Shorts make me all kinds of insecure.  (truth)  Leggings?  I feel like they just show off my thighs?  Why are these so popular?  I need to figure this out.

But jeans are my BFF.  And I love all kinds.  Skinny jeans.  Flare jeans. Bootcut. Distressed. Black. Gray.  Cropped.  Boyfriend.  I love them all.

For the transition, I prefer them with flats if I can get away with it.  But to dress them up a little more, I'll slip on some open toe booties.

I'd say right now, I am mostly sticking to Flares and Skinnies.


Flare jeans are probably my favorite at the moment.  I've got hips and a booty and I just feel like they help balance my shape out.  My only problem with flares is that they are always soooo long!  It's hard to find a pair I can wear with anything less than a 3" heel.

Here are a few of my favorite picks.  Just click on any picture you like to shop!

I paired these flares (Dear John brand, sent last year through Stitch Fix) with this plaid button up and my favorite booties for a little girls night last week.

Skinny Jeans

I love skinny jeans.  Don't let the name fool you.  They aren't just for "skinny" girls.  I just ordered this pair of skinnies from J. Crew called "toothpick" jeans.  I thought they would NEVER work for me since I'm most definitely not a toothpick.  But they are so cute and aren't super long.  They hug my curves in all the right places and hit right at my ankle.  Love them!

Check out these great options too.  Every girl needs a good pair of skinnies that can be cuffed to show a little ankle or left all the way down.  Ankle jeans are my favorite because they aren't super long like others and hit right at my ankle as opposed to being bunched up right around my ankle.  I hate that.  Check the size of the inseam before you buy so you'll have a better idea of how long they'll be and if you'll need to cuff them most of the time or not.


I was never a big shoe girl until the past couple of years.  I went from high school (cleats, sneakers and flip flops) to college (flip flops...all day, every day) to trying to fit in with the other NFL wives (Uggs and heels) to post-NFL, mom life in the 'burbs (back to flip flops, sneakers and anything comfy).  Over the past few years, I've gotten my mojo back and started to actually care more.  Shoes can be fun but above all else, I prefer them comfy.

Case in point.

A couple of summers ago, Craig and I went to Green Bay, WI for the Brett Favre Packers Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.  (Craig was a backup QB for Brett for 4 years in GB.)  I found the cutest dress and shopped for the perfect heels to wear with them.  I found some strappy nude heels and they looked amazing with the dress.  But they hurt like crazy!  On the way home from buying them, I stopped at our local Rack Room Shoes on a whim, just to see what they had.  And I ended up finding these faux snakeskin nude/black platform heels for half the price but felt 100 times better on my feet.

Everyone I asked voted for the expensive, nude, strappy, PAINFUL heels when I asked which I should wear.  But as I was about to walk out of the hotel room the night of the event in my painful heels, I decided to switch at the last minute.  And I am SO GLAD I did!!  They may not have been the "winner" to everyone else but I will almost always sacrifice being cute in order to be comfy.

And one more picture because I loved my cute dress.  :)  And like I said before, I don't do dresses.

This still stands now. I  choose comfort first.  If they aren't comfortable, I won't wear them.  So here are a few of my favorites for fall.

Booties, wellies, tall boots and oh my...the Skechers.  Click on the Skechers.  You NEED some Skechers!!!  #iheartmyskechers


I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I am allll about the plaid button up.  It is my favorite go-to for almost any occasion in the fall.  You just cannot go wrong with a plaid button up (button down???) and jeans.  I have way too many plaid tops but I just DON'T CARE.  I love them.  :)

I also love tops you can wear with a cute scarf.  My scarf collection is a little out of control.

These are a few top picks for plaid tops, scarves, and basic tops to pair with those scarves (or cute necklaces!).  I also threw in a few just because. 

So that's basically it!  Like I said, I'm no expert.  I just know what I like and I tend to stick with it.

I've started a "Shop My Look" section of this blog too so if you want to check it out just click on "Shop My Look" at the top of this page or if you are on the mobile site, you can find it by clicking the little down arrow to the right of the "home" page.  I'll be updating it frequently!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!


  1. I am a jeans girl, too! Give me all the jeans! I'm with you on the shoes...they must be comfy! That's why most of my wedges are TOMS bc they bring me the most comfort while being cute!

    1. Yes, my Toms wedges are amazing!!! So comfortable!!

  2. Your flare jeans last night were so cute! I have the same problem with flares-it's so hard to find some that are a good length. Why do they make those so long??

    1. I feel like I've seen you in flares once?? With those long legs, you'd look amazing!

  3. Yay! I"m so glad you linked up!!! I love all of the jeans!!

  4. Pretty sure I need those Skechers! Also, I LOVE that first plaid shirt! So cute!

    1. I would live in those Skechers Go Walks if I could. (And I pretty much do this time of year!!)

  5. I love jeans too! I'm with you on flare though always seeming so long! sometimes you want to wear flares without heels! lol Love all your fall picks!

  6. Scarves and plaid tops are my jam! Can't wait for some cooler weather!


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