Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Favorites #25. {9.1.17}

Hey there, friends!  We are finally at the end of what has seemed like the longest. week. EVER.  Yes?  Anyone else?  Southeast TX friends, God bless you.  I know you've got that hand up!

Today is technically my Friday Favorites post but it's going to look a little different today.

Before all this hurricane mess started, I had all the big plans to break out into rock star mom mode for the first week of school.  I was going to whoop this week.  

Instead, it has whooped me.  This week has just been full of sadness and devastation which has left me completely distracted.  Hurricane Harvey coverage has consumed the majority of my days and in all honesty, it has been really hard to buckle down and focus on all the orders when there are so many people hurting right now.

Check Wednesday's post for how you can help!

So on Monday, after we got the boys sent off for their first day of school and I got home from our Back to School Moms' Breakfast (Favorite #1), I found myself digging through closets and the attic, looking for anything I could find that someone in need could use. 

Tuesday morning, I had an appointment which threw me out of whack again and while watching the news after I got home, all I could think about was how I could help more.  

Wednesday morning, I decided to volunteer at Mission Regan and help sort TONS and TONS of medical supplies that are being used to stock mobile medical clinics in Houston.  The warehouse was practically humming with activity and everyone was focused and organized.  I have volunteered up at Mission Regan with friends before but this time I went alone and didn't know if I'd know anyone there.  Soooo out of my comfort zone but it just didn't matter at all anymore.  

I was right.  I didn't know a soul there that day but was cheerfully welcomed and put to work instantly.  I worked with the sweetest lady unloading box after box after box and sorting medical supplies.  Neither one of us have any medical background so we started out completely clueless but after a couple of hours, we were old pros.  (Ok, not really but we got much faster and felt much more confident!)

Volunteering was definitely a favorite this week. Favorite #2.

If you are looking for a place to donate medical supplies, money, time or any of these items (below), I highly encourage you to check out Mission Regan.  These people are the hands and feet of Jesus.  They supply medicine and medical attention to people all over the world who wouldn't get it otherwise.  They are amazing and I am so proud to call them friends.

Donate on the Mission Regan website here and find them on Facebook and Instagram (@missionregan2010).

And then Wednesday night looked like this:

Mason-Football practice from 5:30-6:30
Matthew-Baseball practice from 6:30-8
Mason:  Baseball game from 7:30-8:45

By the way-these super fun earrings are sold out but you can find similar ones here!

I know I put this on Instagram too but seriously...we are so far gone past the "sweet pic with mom" stage.  :(

Last night, Matthew had a baseball game. I love watching the boys play but this is Matthew's first year of "kid-pitch".  And it makes for a sloooowwww game since we are still figuring out who might want to try their hand at pitching.

Matthew is my super shy, introverted kid.  He absolutely hates having attention on him or any kind of high-pressure situation.  But he started throwing with Craig the other day and we were so beyond impressed with Matthew's natural pitching ability.  (Favorite #3

He's been dead set against pitching this year because he does not want anyone to focus on him.  And when he has the ball all the time as a pitcher, all eyes are definitely on him.  So I spent a solid 15 minutes trying to convince him that " one cares about the pitcher!  They are all looking at the batter.".  Ha!  White lies to try to help him conquer his fears are ok, right?  

We'll see how this shakes out.  ;)

But my favorite part of Wednesday night was after Mason's game, the 4 of us went to the field next to us that was completely empty.  Matthew pitched to Mason for a few minutes while Craig played catcher.  And then I decided I wanted to bat.  I haven't really swung a bat in years but it was like riding a bike.  I played softball from ages 6-18 and those were some of the best times of my life.  So when I sent a pitch from Matthew flying into center field...yeah.  It was definitely Favorite #4 to see the boys (and even the hubs) look at me like I was pretty darn cool for just a minute there.  ;)

Between all of the distractions this week though, I did get work done.  Orders are still shipping on or before their ship date.  The current turnaround time is 1-2 weeks before your order ships although there is a Rush Fee listing if you need to add it.

Check out all the goodies here!  :)

Favorite #5

And in case you missed my Back to School post (with another yummy but super easy recipe!) you can click here to take a look.

And my What's Up Wednesday post can be found here!

And since there are some amazing Labor Day sales this weekend, I wanted to show a few of my favorites!

Favorite #6

Yesterday, I saw that the Baublebar website is having a MAJOR sale!!!  80% off plus an extra 20% at checkout on a ton of great stuff!

I got 2 of these gorgeous rings for $10 each (normally $32!).  One for me and one to use as a gift for a gift exchange, teacher gift, friend gift...I'm not sure yet!  But $10 for that adorable ring?! And then another 20% off after that?  Yes please!

I also got this amazing layered gold necklace.  I am constantly needing a long gold necklace and this layered one was calling my name!  Originally $42 but on sale for $28!  Don't forget to use any vault points you have built up and enjoy free shipping as well!  

Take a peek here for all the good stuff!

Also, these awesome jeans I talked about on Wednesday are on major sale right now too for under $32 (normally $64)!  Get them while you can at this price!!  I love the fit, the length, the perfect distressed knee.  A fall staple for sure.  Favorite #7

I wore these again last night.  That's at least 3 times in less than a week and it's not even really jeans weather yet here in Texas.  I just love them that much.

Oh and then there's this.

This top isn't on sale right now but after I saw Erika post about it the other day, I couldn't help myself.  I had to have it!!  I see Erika a lot so I hate to show up in the same thing she's wearing but I decided to risk it with this one.  ;)  It even comes in a ton of other colors but all I wanted was the brown.  I ordered the pink too just to see if I could make myself like it better and it was a tough call but the brown still one out.  (I would have chosen black but I have way too many black sweaters as it is.)  How cute will it look with that long gold necklace or a cute scarf??!!

Sorry, E!!!  I'll text you before I wear mine if I know I'll see you.  ;)

And that was Favorite #8.

And today for my #icanteven, #fashionfail, #justsayno (there are so many fun hashtags to use for these ridiculous things!!), I have this.

Oh Kylie and Kendall.  You girls are just way too cool for me, clearly.  That white baby tee with the lacy black bra over it is just perfection.  Here's the description from the website.

A basic white tee is ready for nights out at the club with the addition of a lacy cropped camisole.

Get it, girl?

Only if you are a young, hot,  Hollywood star would this be ok.  #orwouldit

That's it for this week!  Here's to a better week for us all next week and prayers for our neighbors down south as they start to rebuild their lives and figure out their next move.  It's overwhelming for me to even think about so I can't even begin to imagine it being my reality.

Prayers for all the survivors, the ones who've lost loved ones, the ones who've lost homes, pets, and irreplaceable items.  My heart goes out to you.

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  1. Happy happy happy happy Friday, Amanda!!!! I love those pics of Matthew at kid pitch baseball. So exciting!!

    1. Happy Friday!! I am definitely going to be a nervous wreck when he pitches!!

  2. I totally agree - my mind has just been with the areas affected all week long! On a different note, I was obsessing over that brown sweater too! So perfect for fall :)

    1. I love it!! So comfy and so cute without even having to try hard! haha. That's my favorite type of outfit! ;)

  3. Your Matthew sounds alot like my Brayden :) So good of you to go volunteer, I am sure that made you feel great! Love those Vigoss jeans!

    1. It did!! I would love to be able to go down to Houston and help out if it were possible and all that. ;) And yes, those jeans are the best! I just wish I'd caught them on sale when I bought them!! Boo.

  4. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Love those earrings super cute ! My heart aches for Texas and all affected this week. Thanks for sharing where to donate !

    1. Thank you!! I am a sucker for big, fun earrings!

  5. That's my daughter's water bottle. :-) She will love it!!

    1. It's going out today! I love the font you chose too! Everyone tends to request the same few and I feel like that one gets overlooked! It's so pretty!!

  6. I ordered those jeans earlier this week after you posted about them! Cant beat the price so I hope I love them as much as you do!

  7. I love that bell sleeved top. Some can seem over the top to me but I really like that one. Way to go smashing the ball! I hope you have a great weekend!


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