Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What's Up Wednesday. {9.27.17}

Hello Wednesday!  I can't believe how fast September has flown by.  We've been handling our crazy schedules as best we can now that school has started and sports have taken over the after-school life. 

 I know someday I'll miss the crazy so I'm doing my best to enjoy it while I can.

Since today is the last Wednesday of the month, I'm linking up with Shay, Mel, and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday!  I'm going to do my best to answer most of these!

Starting with:

What we're eating this week...

In case you missed it, I had braces put on my lower teeth on the 12th.  So it's been 2 weeks now.   And yes, I still hate them.  I still wonder if this was worth it.  They just BOTHER me.  I am constantly aware that they are there.  I'm tired of dealing with wax and special flosses and the special brushing.  

And although my teeth (finally) have stopped hurting, my bottom front teeth are still feeling slightly numb.  They are the ones that are crooked so I think it's just the constant pressure they are feeling from being squeezed together with nowhere to go.  Whatever it is, it makes it incredibly hard for me to bite into anything.

All that being said so I can tell you that eating has been anything but fun or enjoyable for the past two weeks.  I am slowly adjusting to my new life for the next 10 months though and have told myself multiple times to man up and quit whining.  So this week I've been able to push through and start eating normal foods again for the most part.

Monday, I made Andrea's Pulled Pork in the slow cooker (which is also in Shay's new cookbook, Simmers) so we could make sandwiches, tacos, nachos, quesadillas...whatever our little hearts' desire.  ;)  We'll be eating on it all week.

(Click here for some of my favorite recipes.  I'm still working on adding to the list.)

What I'm reminiscing about...

These popped up in my "On This Day" section on Facebook this week.

This first one cracks me up.  Sweet Matthew loved his baby brother right from the start!

And I think Mason was 2 in this next picture.  Lately, I've just been thinking about all the time we spent together when they were little.  We spent mornings outside under the trees playing in the water hose, reading books, and just hanging out together.  We were such a little trio.

I miss that.  These days when they ARE home they are with their friends, riding bikes, playing Minecraft.  And I'm working.  Things have changed so much and I know it's just the season of life we are in but I miss how it used to be when I was their world.  :(

I mean...(sigh)

What we've been up to...

It's pretty much been all baseball and football around here lately!

Matthew is playing baseball and Mason is playing both baseball and flag football.

What I'm dreading...

Turning another year older.  It's coming next week.  Boo.  :(

What I'm working on...

All the things.  For real.

My Etsy shop is full of adorable little things from wood signs to glittery drinkware and I spend my days painting and glittering and filling orders as fast as humanly possible, without compromising my time with my family.

Here are some of my favorites!  Click here to head on over to the shop! 

I have over 100 items in my shop so I could keep posting pictures for quite awhile but I'll stop.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram @thatinspiredchick for all the latest!

What I'm watching/reading...

Can we talk about the Big Brother finale real quick?  Were we happy that Josh won?!  At the beginning of the season, I would have said anyone should win over Josh.  I couldn't stand him.  But then he grew on me a little.  He seems very emotional and I kind of feel like he may have some underlying issues that are causing him stress of some kind.  I didn't like how he bullied Cody and Mark with the pots and pans thing.  And the whole Meatball thing just got on my last nerve. 

 But he won me over when showed true emotion and distress over having to turn on any of his friends.  Paul and Christmas were very cold and non-feeling.  And since I would have been just as devastated to turn on my friends, even if I HAD to in order to win half a million dollars, I found myself firmly on Team Josh.  I am nothing if not loyal when it comes to my friends so I felt his pain.

So big congrats to him!!  Now ya big meatball, use that money to hit up some therapy sessions, work out your issues and don't spend the rest all in one place!  :)

But ohhhhh the new fall shows are starting!!  #yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Like practically everyone else in America, I am so pumped about This Is Us!  This show sticks with you.  I love it.  And for some reason, I feel super proud of Mandy Moore for landing this role.  She's killin' it.

And Will & Grace is back!!!

Does anyone else watch Kevin Can Wait??  I love this show and it's one of the few comedies I really follow.  The new season just started though and they've killed off the mom (!!!) and have picked up a year after her death with Kevin as a single dad.  But they brought in Leah Remini to replace her as the female lead which is really a great idea.  Now we get to see Doug and Carrie back together!  (sort of)

I was a little annoyed with how they took all of 2 seconds to talk about Kevin's wife's death on the show though.  All they said was that it had a been "over a year" since her death.  No explanation or anything. #imgonnaneedmorethanthat

Anyway, it should still be incredibly funny and better than ever.  Leah Remini and Kevin James have a great chemistry.  If you loved King of Queens, you need to be watching Kevin Can Wait!

Last night, I watched the first episode of the new show The Good Doctor about the autistic man who has been hired as a surgeon at a hospital.  I think I'll keep watching this one!

And of course, I'm watching all my Bravo shows.  Real Housewives of (any city) and Below Deck at the moment.

And as for books, go check out my latest book review here!

Since I've posted the review, I've added Class Mom to the list (super cute) but my FAVORITE is The Break Down!


I love psychological thrillers.  Gone Girl, Girl on the Train, The Woman in Cabin 10, What Alice Forgot, etc etc etc.  I loved all of those!  Some more than others but I still thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

But this one was just SO GOOD!  I could not stop reading/listening.  (I always feel like I need to disclose that I'm an Audible girl.  So technically, I listen while I work.)

It is by the same author who wrote Behind Closed Doors which was super creepy and I liked a lot.  But this one was just a little more mystery than creepy and more enjoyable to read.  It keeps you guessing from the very first page but just when you think you are so clever and have it all figured out (I do this a dumb), it will flip and you'll be shocked at where it goes.

The best part is that it wraps it all up so neatly for you in the end.  There's not one part where I was left thinking "But wait!  What about....??".  Yes, it was twisted.  It was suspenseful.  It was thrilling.  It involves murder, lies, deceit, betrayal, mental illness.  You will love it.

I know I'm gushing about it but just so you know, there are mixed reviews on Goodreads (and elsewhere I'm sure) but when I read them, I was blown away as to how they couldn't have loved the book.  So try it at your own risk.  You may hate it like the people who only gave it 2 stars.  I gave it 5 though.

I think I'm right. ;)  

I did listen to the audio version which is just my absolute JAM.  I love hearing the characters come to life.  It's like watching a movie without the screen on.  Plus, the story is set in England so I get to hear their British accents and I love that.  :)

So all this to say, if you want a new thriller to read, this one is definitely worth a try! I finished it in 24 hours.  

Have you read it?  Let me know!

What I'm wearing...

My favorite flare jeans of the season go to these!

I wore this to a casual Monday night dinner with my Buffalo Besties this week!  I bought them in a 32" length but they also come in 34".  They are too short for me to wear heels with which is fine because I have others that are similar that are perfect with heels.  But these are my favorite to wear with flats and flip flops!  (For reference, I'm 5'5".)

My favorite skinny jeans are still these Vigoss jeans.

Favorite Skechers here.

Top / Jeans (sold out) Similar here/ Shoes / Similar Earrings

And if you need some good black skinny jeans, I LOVE these!  Great fit, less than $60, a true black (some of them can look a little faded out) and have a raw hemline that can be left down or cuffed.  I wore mine at Craig's 20th reunion last weekend!

Top / Jeans / Similar heels / Necklace (sold out) / Similar Earrings

You can read all about our reunion weekend fun here.

What I'm looking forward to next month...

I know I said I'm dreading my birthday next week.  However, a group of our girlfriends made plans to get together on the 5th which just happens to be my birthday!  So that'll be fun!   Last year, my super sweet hubby surprised me with a birthday dinner with our friends at one of my favorite restaurants.  I walked into the restaurant thinking we were about to have a quiet little date and then I turned the corner to find a group of 6 (and a half...Madeley joined us!).  What a sweet surprise and such a fun night!

Getting older sucks but celebrating with friends doesn't.  :)

My in-laws will be coming to town that weekend to watch the boys because Craig was invited as a former Packers player, to come to the Packers pep rally when they come to town to play Dallas!  (They have pep rallies??)

They're putting us up in a hotel that night and we're going to the game the next day. 

So I'm pretty excited about that.  :)

And that's about it for What's Up Wednesday. I know these posts can be long.  So kudos to you for making it all the way to here!  ;)

And the bonus questions was what show am I looking forward to the most.  Will you judge me if I say Real Housewives of New Jersey??!!  Those girls are some of my faves and I just finished re-watching all of last season.  So I'm ready for them to bring. it. on.  And by "it" I mean #allthecrazy.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!!



  1. This is Us...oh my gosh! I can't take it! We love Kevin Can't Wait! My side hurts laughing so hard.
    I think I need flare jeans in my life. :) Have a great Wednesday!
    Happy early Birthday!

    1. This Is Us was so good last night!! And thanks, Heather!!!

  2. We're gonna have a blast next week celebrating YOU!!

    1. I'm just lucky the 5th turned out to be a date we could all go! Very happy accident!! ;) Thanks, friend! Can't wait!!

  3. The Good Doctor sounds really interesting... as a special needs teacher of children with autism, I definitely want to check it out! Thanks for sharing about that show and #gopackgo!!! :)

  4. NO JUDGING HERE....I love all of the Housewives with the exception of the Dallas ones. Just couldn't ever get into them. And the Florida ones. Miami. #gladitsgone .....cant wait to watch This is Us tonight...we dvd our shows and watch the next day. Old people problems.....that and I hate sitting thru commercials! Have a fabulous day and enjoy the Dallas game! Dallas girl fan right here!

    1. I guess I am old too! haha! I can't remember the last time I watched something live! I recorded it while we were at baseball last night and watched it when we got home. I hate commercials too! And I'm with you on the Housewives! I'm doing my best to like Dallas but they are my least favorite for sure.

  5. Loving that new print on your tumbler!! I'm dying to watch The Good Doctor - I'm going to catch up this weekend! And The Break Down is on my to read list :) Behind Closed Doors was probably my favorite book I read this year!

    1. Thanks girl!! I liked The Break Down more than Behind Closed Doors! I love a good mystery and it had alllll the intrigue! I'm sure you'll love it!

  6. I can't believe you all don't like Real housewives of Dallas. It's so good!! Lots of drama this season. I'm excited for real housewives of new jersey too. Can't wait!! Sucks for Paul. He definitely deserved to win. He was mostly loyal but he couldn't keep everyone. That's just the game of Big Brother and he played it well. The jury was dumb for being bitter. They were just mad Paul outsmarted them. I'm excited to see what celebrity Big Brother will be like!

    1. I'm trying to like it! haha! It's better than last season for sure. I just don't look forward to it the way I do other ones. I think it's because I just don't LIKE any of them except maybe Stephanie. The whole feud between Brandi and Stephanie seemed a little dramatic for what really happened, Leanne just gets on my nerves and that new Kamryn girl...I just can't with all the pretentiousness. I'm hoping by the end of the season, I'll be a real fan. ;) And yes, Paul definitely played that game better than anyone! Can't wait for Celebrity BB!!

    2. Yes I do not like Kameron!! She puts on this act and I just don't like her parts of the show she's in. I hope she doesn't return. I do like Stephanie too! I agree their fight was dumb. They should've talked about it because I loved their friendship last season but I think they're working on getting it back. Not sure about Cary and her husband Mark. I like them a lot, but I just feel like this season they're putting on this act pretending to fight so they have a storyline. Those parts always seem forced. They just need to act normal like last season! Sometimes I see such good parts of LeeAnne and sometimes she's back to her crazy self lol! I wish she'd just turn normal ;)

  7. The changing of life's seasons is a hard pill for me to swallow. I'm always telling myself to enjoy and soak up these "regular" days I have with my girls since they are only in preschool - I feel like I lost my son as soon as he started elementary school and that totally bums me out! I so wish I could hit pause for a while! Glad to hear you are tolerating the braces a little better :)

  8. I loved Behind Closed Doors and can't wait to read The Break Down!!

  9. I love the New Jersey Housewives. I found myself watching the first season of that and the OC this summer and loved it. What a fun weekend you have planned! I cannot wait for Will and Grace!


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